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National Poverty in America Awareness Month

Poverty in America not only affects the millions of people who are deprived of the common necessities to live, but it also affects the idea of progression and hopefulness in this country. The more than 37 million people in Americans living in squalor, poverty, and hunger are not invisible. During National Poverty in America Awareness Month, non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals alike come together to combat poverty. If you are thinking of a community outreach program at the workplace, you can locate a neighboring non-profit association that helps the impoverished to collaborate on a fundraiser in order to make an impact during National Poverty in America Awareness Month. You can even reach out to your clients with items like promotional digital photo frames, logo frames, logo digital picture frames, and promotional electronic picture frames.¬†You and company can be a catalyst for giving to poverty stricken families and individuals. We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty. –Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Albanian born Indian Missionary and Founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote National Poverty in America Awareness Month with ePromos Promotional Products

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1st Week in January
Women’s Self-Empowerment Week

What better way to start the year than by celebrating Women’s Self-Empowerment Week? This is a time for women to reflect on and feel good about their accomplishments, role in society, as well as establish new goals for the future. Although dedicated to women, this week is really meant to be celebrated by men and women, so this is a great opportunity to integrate all of the members of your company or community through various products and activities. This is a great time to thank the women in your company for all their hard work and dedication. It is sure to be appreciated! ePromos has a great selection of quality promotional merchandise that can be given out in appreciation of women’s achievements. Promotional chocolate candy is a sweet way to express your gratitude. A great way to realize a sense of empowerment is through exercise and sports, because they not only make you stronger but they motivate healthy competition as well. Distribute promotional sports equipment and sets in the office or in your community to inspire women to achieve that sense of empowerment. Another way to make women just feel good about themselves is with promotional massagers. These items will give women a great way to unwind after a hard day’s work! For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote Women’s Self-Empowerment Week with ePromos Promotional Products

January 2
National Personal Trainer Awareness Day

In the beginning of each new year, millions of Americans make resolutions. Some vow to quit smoking, others vow to spend more time with their family, and some even vow to smile more! In any event, the most common resolution of the year is to lose weight and maintain a permanent healthy lifestyle. To actually make the time to go to the gym when you’re mentally exhausted from work, or take that early power walk/run, even though your eyes are not open yet has been proven to be very difficult. Therefore, fitness professionals Jim Labadie and Joey Atlas decided to make January 2nd, National Personal Trainer Awareness Day. This way, the general public could be more aware of personal trainers at the time of the year when having a professional relationship with them could play a crucial role in helping them to actually achieve their fitness and health goals. Let the healthier you shine through! Encourage your employees to stay active on the weekends with our custom wall clocks, logo wall clocks, promotional clocks, and marketing clocks. Let ePromos be your promotional guide for National Personal Trainer Awareness Day. Don’t wait! Pick up the phone, and call us today! For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar. Promote National Personal Trainer Awareness Day with ePromos Promotional Products