Shedrain Golf Accessories For Your Brand

Keep your clients and employees out of the rain during golf tournaments while promoting your logo with Shedrain brand umbrellas. This family-owned company got its start as an umbrella shop in Oregon. Now over 60 years old, [Read More]

Building Brands With Promotional Items

Quick. When your customers think of a particular product, what is the name they think of? If you have truly done your promotional job, the first thing that will pop into their heads should be the name [Read More]

Grow Brand Awareness With Promotional Items

The Importance Of The Brand Name The importance of branding a product or service can hardly be overestimated. It is well known that people are much more loyal towards and even inclined to pay a premium price [Read More]

Custom Folders for College, University, and School Branding

Colleges, universities, and private schools need good marketing and student recruiting to succeed. Smaller schools require a certain amount of tuition dollars to operate, and larger schools want to attract the best students to rise in national [Read More]

Logo Gifts: Business Gifts That Build Brands

Almost every company gives some type of business gift each year, but unfortunately they don’t all understand how much more effective logo gifts are at building both relationships and brand recognition. Find out when, why and how [Read More]

Use Computer Accessories to Expand Your Brand

Promotional computer accessories are no longer the boring sidekick to the office desktop and there are now many options to chosen from beyond the standard custom mousepad. In the recent years, there has been an emergence of [Read More]

Eighteen Ways to Brand a Business Badly

In the American West, cattle ranchers still brand cattle. Once the brand has been burned into the hide, nothing can change it. Altering a brand is illegal and easily detected. The branding of a business, product or [Read More]

Your Web Site and Your Image

Doctor. Lawyer. Manufacturer of ping-pong tables. Whatever your line of business, the Internet offers a low-cost, highly effective way to build closer ties with your customers. Here are some guidelines to follow to ensure that what you [Read More]

Promotional Merchandise: Can You Make Money from Your Brand?

Often promotional products are considered a marketing expense, albeit a valuable one, to increase brand recognition. But many companies have turned their brand into profits through promotional merchandise. Can your brand turn marketing into sales? Turning Zeitgeist [Read More]

Promotional Duracell Products

ePromos offers custom logo merchandise from Duracell, one of the leading manufacturers of batteries and electrical equipment in the world. With such a large, mainstream brand at the helm, you know your promotional Duracell products will work [Read More]

Promotional Products for Renter’s Insurance

You can use promotional products from ePromos to heighten awareness about the renter’s insurance that your company provides. Promotional merchandise has a variety of uses in this industry, including advertising, customer retention, and brand-building. When your customers [Read More]

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