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Not Your Average Campsite: Guerrilla Marketing with Promotional Tents

When it comes to the success of a company, it’s certainly survival of the fittest. Competition for every industry is popping up every day, and companies have to look for more creative ways to advertise their business that will make them stand out. One way people have been doing this is through guerrilla marketing. You may have seen those brightly clad people on the street campaigning for a business. They could be handing out promotional products, dancing, juggling or doing other crazy stunts to get your attention focused on their product or service. Turns out, this is a very effective marketing strategy and usually brings in increased business for the company. We encourage you to step outside the box of conventional marketing and try this attention grabbing technique. One way to do this is to launch a guerrilla marketing campaign using promotional tents.

Why promotional tents, you ask? Tents are extremely effective marketing tools for almost any business, and since there are hundreds of useful promotional products that are associated with tents and camping, a ‘great outdoors’ themed campaign can work for almost any company. Using custom tents as an anchor for your campaign has many benefits. First off, it’s hard not to notice them, as their size alone will make heads turn. These items can also be brightly colored or can match your company colors. Add to that the enormous imprint area on the outside of a tent, and no one will be able to pass by without taking notice of your company. And, unlike bulky tables set up for other guerrilla marketing campaigns, tents can be broken down and carried away slung over your shoulder. Most importantly, these imprinted items will be successful for your company no matter where you use them, so here are four great places you can utilize a promotional tent:

City Streets. As one of the most popular places for street teams and guerrilla marketing, a great place to start with your promotional tent is on a wide city block. City streets are popular because of the dense foot and car traffic, so no matter what you’re selling, sheer probability says there are people passing by who need it or will want it. And because of the large diversity of urban areas, city streets are great advertisement spaces for all businesses, whether you’re a small grassroots organization or a Fortune 500 company. Of course, you can tailor what you hand out as promotional products to fit your company, but there are plenty of good generic ideas that all companies can use. For example, your company can hand out imprinted water bottles. Anyone who travels the city on foot would be grateful for the hydration. Another great idea is to place your promotional tent in a tourist area of the city and hand out promotional maps to travelers. They’ll be thankful for the guidance and will be likely to use your business in the future!

Beach. Whether its at a local bonfire or a hot and humid vacations spot, beaches are another optimal place to market your business. Most people associate beaches with fun in the sun, so get in on the action and plant your promotional tent in the sand and get the attention of beach-goers. As a provider of shade, large tents will certainly attract attention on a sunny day. The beach is also a great place to hand out promotional products. For example, sunscreen use has become increasingly stressed in the past few years, so handing out promotional sunscreen is sure to keep you in the minds of people as they protect themselves from sun damage. There are also other great beach-themed ideas for your company. If you want to keep costs low, you can certainly hand out imprinted beach balls. Not only do these items come in many bright colors, their large imprint area will keep your company name in the sand, in the water, and in the air! The beach is also a great place to get people to sign up for your business or service. You can use your tent as a station, and give out a slightly more expensive promotional item, such as an imprinted beach towel, as an incentive to sign up.

Picnics & Parks. With the rising popularity of national parks and recreation areas, these places are a relaxed and effective way to advertise. Tents normally blend right in at public parks and campsites, so being the colorful tent giving out free stuff will definitely attract some attention! Whether park visitors are spending the afternoon with a picnic basket or setting up camp, there are hundreds of promotional products to choose from that will go along with the park atmosphere. You can enhance any day at the park with items like custom frisbees, bug spray, or koozies. All of these items are inexpensive and will help potential customers remember your company and your services as they play with friends, combat mosquitoes, and keep their drinks cold. You can even spice up any cookout with promotional barbecue sauce – a novelty that will be a hit at every picnic. With all the great products you can hand out, you’ll gain clients that will certainly come back for s’more!

Movies, Concerts, & Sports Games. Whether its a band that has a limited following, or the week-long line to get tickets for the next Star Wars movie, you can use your promotional tent at many entertainment events. With the high price of most memorabilia sold at these venues, free promotional stuff will be greatly appreciated and highly sought after. And with your promotional tent, you’ll be easy to spot amidst the crowds. Promote your company by handing out imprinted popular entertainment items, such as popcorn and t-shirts, even binoculars for those in the nose-bleed section. Whether they are band watching or bird watching, your themed promotional product will likely rope in more business. This can even branch into the realm of video games. The launching of new video games and video game platforms tends to be a huge event. So why not stand out from the crowd in your promotional tent? It is a great way to get the attention of video gamers.

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