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Marketing Magic: The Many Uses of Promotional Merchandise

Promotional merchandise is a dynamic marketing tool that has many uses for almost every business in every industry. Whether you’re looking for creative advertising space or just trying to keep in touch with past customers, promotional merchandise is a unique way to get the job done.

Red-hot Branding With Promotional Merchandise

Successfully branding your company is no easy task. When you think about the fact that the average American is exposed to approximately 247 commercial messages EVERY DAY, you can understand the importance of creating a distinct brand. A brand will separate your company from the overwhelming flood of competitors that are constantly vying for the public’s attention.

One of the best tools you can use to help build your brand is promotional merchandise. In 2007, a survey organized by Source-e polled a sample of 429 respondents, two-thirds of which were labeled as CEOs, Chairmen, or Managers at their companies. According to the results, 76 percent of respondents said they could name a brand featured on the promotional merchandise at their desk without looking. 52 percent said they purchased more from the companies that were branded on the promotional merchandise they had, and 92 percent believed that promotional merchandise was an effective way of increasing brand awareness.

These impressive statistics are proof of the fact that promotional merchandise is a powerful way to build your brand and keep it fresh in the minds of your customers!

Here are a few ways you can use promotional merchandise as a powerful tool to expand your brand.

But Wait, There’s More! – Promotional Merchandise as the “Value-Added Bonus”

Adding a bonus to the product or service that you are selling has always been a great way to motivate customers who are “on the fence” about making a purchase. Sometimes, all your prospect needs is that little extra push that will convert them from a window shopper to a cash-paying customer!

If you’re looking to add a motivational bonus, promotional merchandise is definitely one of the more valuable things you can offer. By tying your product or service in with the promotional merchandise bonus you are offering, you reward your customers with a relevant product that they can use right away. Mentioning the value of the promotional gift (i.e. “Order now and get a free wine accessory kit, $55 value!”) is a great way to jump-start your customers into action.

Not only will promotional merchandise help you close the sale, but it will keep advertising your business after the transaction is complete! Promotional merchandise does a great job of creating a win-win situation every time you make it part of your offer.

How to Keep In Touch With Customers via Promotional Merchandise

Promotional merchandise is an awesome way to stay in touch with customers and encourage them to contact you for their future needs. Too many companies don’t have an adequate follow-up process that shows the customer that they’re still important, even if they’re not actively buying anything. Promotional merchandise can send a very strong message about your company and how you view your clients.

Corporate logo merchandise will give you the competitive edge in a society where every little bit counts. Who are you more likely to do business with again: Company A, who sells you a product, invoices you, and is never heard from again ? or Company B, who sells you a product, invoices you, and then demonstrates their gratitude with free promotional merchandise? The answer is pretty clear!

Customers can do business with whomever they want, and there’s clearly no shortage of companies that are willing to help them out. Thank customers for their business with promotional merchandise and leave no doubt in their mind that they chose a customer service-oriented company that actually cares about the people who keep them in business.

Tip: Encourage customers to provide positive testimonials by offering them free custom-imprinted gifts for filling out a quality-control survey, even if its a simple and inexpensive item like a promotional pin.

Skyrocket Employee Morale with Promotional Merchandise!

Promotional merchandise isn’t always for the customer. There’s a huge selection of items that make great corporate gifts for employees that demonstrate effort, enthusiasm, and achievement! After all, salary and benefits can only convey so much to your employees. Show them that they’re more than just workers by providing them with useful promotional merchandise that will help them in their every-day lives. Items like promotional shirts can encourage team bonding and make employees feel like they are part of a collective whole.

Imprinted products vary in price, from under $5.00 for simple items like company pens or mugs, to over $100 for high-quality gifts like laptop bags, imprinted technology items, and gift baskets. Depending upon your industry, number of employees, and budget, you’ll be able to craft a unique package of promotional merchandise that will be a perfect fit for your company’s needs. You can also use these items as business thank you gifts to wow clients and employees alike.

Looking for a Solid Fundraising Idea? Promotional Merchandise to the Rescue!

Lots of companies, including non-profits, rely on charitable fundraisers to bring in money for a variety of projects. If you’re looking for a good fundraising idea, selling promotional merchandise or thanking donators with giveaway items can significantly impact the results of your campaign!

Popular fundraising items include awareness bracelets, promotional magnet car ribbons, promotional stickers, promotional key chains, and magnets are all great ways to help quickly spread the word!

Offering inexpensive promotional merchandise as a small gift to donators is a great incentive that will get people to dig into their wallets. Even a very inexpensive gift will give people some compensation for their helpful contributions. These free gift giveaways will not only reward donators, but they’ll keep advertising your organization and bringing in more donations as the giveaways are seen by more and more people.

Promotional Merchandise as the Perfect Trade Show Booth-Booster

If you want to guarantee a high-traffic booth at the next industry trade show or conference you attend, have a nice selection of promotional merchandise on hand. Promo products can stop even the busiest trade show attendee dead in his tracks, giving you the chance to deliver your sales pitch.

Imprinted products are hands-down the most effective tradeshow giveaways when it comes to drawing herds of people to your booth during a tradeshow. If you can offer people something fun, useful, and free, you can hold their attention long enough to try and convert them into a genuine prospect. Promotional noisemakers are another way to attract the attention of your audience. The visitors to your tradeshow will be intrigued into finding what all the noise is about. Hand out your promotional noisemakers and let your target audience attract even more attention. You can’t put a price on the undivided attention of your audience!

Oh Oh, It’s Magic!

Promotional merchandise truly is one of the most effective brand-building and advertising tools available. Combine its capacity to take care of most of your marketing concerns with the fact that it’s fun, affordable, and practical, and you’ve got a recipe for marketing magic!

By Mark Yokoyama

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