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Promotional Pens with a Purpose

Promotional PensA special situation requires special promotional pens. Here are nine unique pens to use in nine different situations.

Traditional ballpoint pens work well for traditional promotions (having a boxful on hand at the bank, perhaps), but sometimes the situation calls for something a bit more special. If you’ve got a sales call with a client who previously hadn’t returned your phone calls, for example, it’s time to pull out the big guns (or in this case, pens). Here are the perfect promotional pens to pull out in nine different business situations.

Scenarios for Promotional Pens

Scenario # 1: An impossible-to-reach client agrees to meet with you.

After six months of calls, you finally land a 10-minute meeting with an extremely hard-to-get client. Your objective is to leave a lasting impression, quickly. Silly or cheap pens won’t work here. You need something that won’t get thrown into a client’s desk drawer. To accomplish this you want a pen that will not only be remembered but cherished. That’s why you should select a fountain pen, a really nice one with an attractive finish and sparkling accents, instead of a ballpoint. As you begin your meeting, simply place the fountain pen on the far corner of your customer’s desk and leave it there for her to admire (and hopefully wonder, Is that for me?). Your prospective client’s curiosity will get the best of them and by the time you’re ready to hand over the pen you’ll already have made a lasting impression.

Scenario # 2: You’re pitching to a style conscious woman.

If you’re in the fashion or cosmetics industry, or any other industry where you’re likely to encounter a number of style-conscious women, you can attract attention by offering a pen to match their stylish sensibilities. Whether you are sending the pen in advance of a sales call or as a follow-up to a good meeting, let this woman know that you appreciate her savviness by choosing a fashion-forward pen. Almost as important as the pen itself is how you package it. Don’t just hand her the pen or, worse yet, stick it in a plain envelope. Play up the gift and its coolness by packaging it in a sleek silver box with a bow, or wrapped up in a silk pouch or other trendy fabric. Don’t forget to attach a note thanking her for her time.

Scenario # 3: You want to wow a group of golfers.

You’ve already given out every conceivable type of promotional gear to your golf-playing clients including monogrammed shirts, golf balls, tees, towels, sighting scopes and bag tags. Heavy duty golfers need a special parting gift, and another golf towel just isn’t going to do the trick. Here’s our alternative: After hitting the links, wait until drinks are served and be ready to hand out golf-themed pens as either celebratory gifts or consolation prizes. And when they pick them up, they’ll think of you, their partner in golf as well as in business. It’s difficult to find pens that accomplish all of these goals, but when you do, you’ll score a hole in one.

Scenario # 4: You want to thank a customer for bearing with you after a screw-up.

Everyone and every company screws up sooner or later. When it happens your first objective is to shoulder the blame and make it right. Once you’ve accomplished that, accompany your apology with a pen that expresses your concern but doesn’t call unneeded attention to the event that precipitated it. While saying thank you might sound a bit incongruous after a minor disaster, it’s exactly the right thing to say. You’re thanking the client for bearing with you and you’re letting them know you’re moving forward with a positive attitude. Try to present the pen at a time when you have other things to offer: new products, offers, incentives, etc. This helps reinforce the positive element and puts your client relationship back on the affirmative track.

Scenario # 5: You’re meeting with a technical person.

Meeting with an engineer, techie, contractor or architect? You’ve got a real in here when it comes to promotional pens, because these people love them. It may be a caricature, but have you ever really seen an engineer or contractor without a pen-filled pocket holder? Knowing that, you could give them almost any pen and they’d use it, but you’d soon find your pen had taken its place in a desk alongside scores of other writing instruments. To make your pen distinctive, pick something that looks more like a gadget than a pen. There are a host of multi-functional pens out there: Select one and demonstrate it to the next techie you call on. No doubt he’ll ask you to leave it behind.

Scenario # 6: You’re calling on a doctor or health professional.

Medicine is serious business. That’s why physicians, nurses and health practitioners love it when you introduce humor into their lives. A funny promotional pen goes a long way here, putting the humor up front without distracting from your pitch. Keep it relevant by choosing pens that represent the industry in a fun way. There are lots of candidates here including bone pens, thermometer pens, syringe pens, and capsule pens. Whatever you choose, bring along plenty of extras because, chances are, the doctor or health professional you’re meeting with is going to want to pass them out to the whole team.

Scenario # 7: You?re looking to stand out from the crowd.

Sometimes it takes something larger than life to get a reaction from clients. Maybe you’re one of five different salespeople pitching to the same client in one day. You need to stand out, and a pen can help you do it. But you’ll have to find one that’s as distinctive as it is super-sized. The possibilities here include specially shaped pens, liquid filled pens with floating logos and light-up pens. Choose one that best matches your style and presentation and consider how to present it. Since you’re going big, consider making a big presentation with standout visuals, big ideas and big offers. And when you introduce your big pen make sure your client understands that the pen is a metaphor for the king-sized service you plan to offer.

Scenario # 8: You want a customer to increase her spend.

For five years, the same customer has spent the same amount with you every year. How to grow sales? You’ll need a pen to stimulate growth. Choose an eco-friendly pen (perhaps made with recycled newspaper) or better yet a pen in the shape of a flower or plant. (Believe it or not, they do exist.) Present them to your client on your next visit and explain how together, you can help her grow her business – but she needs to take the next step with you. Another way to use such a pen: Send a bouquet to clients in the spring, reminding them of all of the ways you can help them grow.

Scenario # 9: The client is ready to sign on the dotted line.

A tough prospect is finally ready to close the deal. When he does, pull out a high quality, classic pen. A fountain pen makes a good choice. Once the Is are dotted and the T?s are crossed, invite him to keep the pen as a symbol of your new relationship. Make sure that it is logoed with care, as you don’t want the imprint to rub off. This is a pen you’ll want him to keep in his desk for a long time to come.

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Written by Denis Jensen. Reprinted with permission of Successful Promotions, copyright 2007

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