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Take Advantage of Our Full-service Gifting Solutions

Newsletter: Take Advantage of Our Full-service Gifting Solutions
– Nov 16, 2007

What makes a gift a gift? When it looks like one! As the holidays approach and you begin to smooth out the final details of your corporate gifts, don’t overlook the importance of presentation. Aside from dazzling your recipients, the presentation is one of the the least expensive ways to increase the value of your gift. ePromos has a number of services that will help you enhance the impact of your corporate gift program and help you spend less time on it as well.
Packaging ePromos offers many creative, customizable packaging options to make your gift as memorable as possible. From festive wrapping paper, to sturdy boxes, to ribbons and bows, there are many ways to personalize your packaging. It’s important to remember, you aren’t just giving your recipient a gift, you are giving them a piece of your company. This not only makes the packaging a way to show your recipient how much your relationship means to your company, it also makes it a great branding tool.
Customized Cards Another way to personalize your gift and enhance the impact of your campaign is by giving out custom cards imprinted with your logo. A brief, warm note from you to your recipients shows the recipient the time you put into the gift which increases its emotional value. Whatever your gift may be, your recipient will enjoy it more if they feel that extra personal touch.
Fulfillment We at ePromos have a professional fulfillment service that will take all the stress out of putting everything together. By using our fulfillment service, we can put your corporate gift together in your imprinted wrapping along with your custom card and inexpensively send them off to your list. We can professionally assemble and deliver all of your gifts to your client list with very little effort on your part.
The holidays are a great time to strengthen ties with customers and employees with corporate gifts. If you utilize the available packaging, cards, and fulfillment services, you can reap the benefits from spreading the holiday cheer!

Custom Fleeces: Warm, Fuzzy and Great for the Holidays

Fleece Jackets  and Personalized Fleece Vests

Fleeces are always one of our top winter apparel items, particularly around holiday gift season. What’s so great about fleeces, and why are they so popular year after year? Well, here are a few of the top reasons:
They Fill a Niche in Any Winter Wardrobe: Thicker than t-shirts and sweatshirts, but not nearly as heavy as your regular winter coat, fleeces fill a niche spot in people’s wardrobes. They’re versatile and useful in a number of situations, from walks through the park, to brisk autumn mornings, to chilly offices with too much AC.
They’re Valued, Yet Affordable: For those concerned with the cost of their promotional items, fleeces are very reasonably priced. For a surprisingly small investment, you can get a quality apparel item that will proudly showcase your logo each time your recipient wears it. More importantly, recipients almost always perceive the item as being more valuable than it actually cost!
They’re Suitable for Everyone: Fleeces are available in styles for both genders, which eliminates the need to scrounge around for separate items for the men and women on your list. Their functionality, affordability, and style make fleeces an ideal piece of promotional apparel.

Upcoming Promotional Event Dates

Every year on December 1st, we celebrate Red Ribbon Month. Started in 1988, the day calls for reflection on the struggles those living with HIV/AIDS face in their daily lives. There are over 40 million people currently living with the disease, and new infections spring up every day.
The best way to raise awareness about AIDS is through information and education. Your company can celebrate AIDS Awareness Day by providing employees with information on HIV testing and ways of promoting the cause to others. From awareness bracelets to promotional red ribbons, let ePromos help your company join the fight against AIDS and raise awareness of this worthy cause.
Plan ahead and take advantage of the following promotional opportunities. You’ll find a wide choice of personalized products as well as predecorated items that feature unique messages and slogans to help you celebrate your event.
Want the full list of promotional events? Check out our promotional calendar.



Food & Wine Gifts for the Holidays
Food Gifts  & Wine

Gift baskets are the essence of class and fanciness. They are the ultimate present that a person can receive.
– Michael Scott
While we have a great deal of respect for Mr. Scott, at ePromos we believe that there are many great holiday gifts. That said, here are a few attributes that make food and wine gifts particularly effective during the holidays:
Share-ability – When sending a gift to a team or an entire office rather than just an individual, food gifts are ideal. Of course, in these situations tasteful branding is a must: you want them to remember your company. Even better, choose a food gift with a reusable container that will stick around the office after the food is gone.
It’s Personal – Gifts like wine and cheese sets resonate on a personal level. Recipients take them home and share them with their families. Holiday gifts can be a unique chance to build deeper relationships and generate goodwill outside the office.
Trendiness – Make your gifts more exciting by taking advantage of trends. This year, wine and dark chocolate are particularly hot. Wine gifts will appeal to the fast growing demographic of “casual connoisseurs” who are getting interested in learning more about wine. Recent discoveries about the benefits of dark chocolate have led many to seek out its flavors and health advantages.

When Desktop Real Estate Matters
Promotional  Gifts and Custom Imprinted Desktop Items
We’ve talked in previous newsletters about the popularity of desktop items and how useful they are. However, it’s also important to know when they are most useful.
Influencing Buying Behavior
If your clients make buying decisions in the office, it’s important to get something in front of them that will remind them of your company before, during and after they make their purchasing decisions. Grabbing some desktop real estate is the best way to accomplish this, and it’s the number one use of desktop gift items.
Multiple Buyer Offices
Desktop items can be a powerful awareness and referral tool, particularly if you sell a product or service that may have multiple buyers or users within a client organization. It’s a great way to increase visibility for your brand. Presence on a colleague’s desk can also be an implicit endorsement of your firm.
Strengthening Business Ties Desktop gifts are ideal for more business-centered relationships. Because they’re less personal than other types of gifts, you can safely give them out without overstepping any professional boundaries.

Custom, Compressed T-shirts Molded into Trucks and Ships
Custom,  Compressed T-shirts Molded Into Trucks and Ships
Challenge: World Fuel Services wants a maximum bang from its tradeshow buck
Crowded, busy, loud–good tradeshows are alive with activity. Your goal, as a tradeshow exhibitor, is to rise above the din. It’s to move people out of the hustle and bustle and into your world-if only for a short time- and then to communicate your message in fun, fast and memorable ways. World Fuel Services, a leading provider of fuel and fuel management services to commercial and corporate aircraft, petroleum distributors and ships at more than 2,500 locations around the world, tapped into ePromos’ tradeshow know-how when its tradeshow team asked us to help them make waves during tradeshow appearances, as well as to extend brand visibility long after.
Solution: Compressed, shaped t-shirts create instant recognition between gift and services
The World Fuel team wanted something memorable, something fun. They wanted a promotion that would get attendees sharing and talking-something that would garner a “Cool!” Their choice? A series of compressed t-shirts molded into various vehicles, including an airplane, a ship and a truck. We had initially discussed molding the shirts into the shape of the World Fuel logo, which, while still cool-worthy, wouldn’t say as much about the services the company provides. Preparing custom inserts for each of the different vehicles took a little more budget and time but, in World Fuel’s case, was worth it! With the custom shapes, attendees would instantly recognize the association between the gift and World Fuel’s business. The World Fuel team also attends lots of tradeshows; with a little advanced planning, the custom shapes meant they’d always have a fun mix of items to giveaway, as well as something different for customers or prospects who might attend various shows. One final bonus: recipients would also be more inclined to wear their gift shirt during and after shows to enhance the effectiveness of the giveaway and extend the company’s brand.
Result: Tradeshow success! Promotion draws crowds; helps win new business!
The World Fuel team reports that their uniquely shaped t-shirts are a hit at each show they attend. The inventive promotion attracts scores of people to the company’s booths at tradeshows and-even better-it has also been linked to an increase in World Fuel’s client base.
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