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Back to School Marketing Ideas

7 Great Back to School Marketing Ideas

Back to school spending is up, with the National Retail Foundation noting “Total [back to school] spending is expected to reach $24.9 billion. Additionally, indicating the continued growth in the back-to-school arena, families on average have spent [Read More]

how promotional products can be used in the real estate industry

How Promotional Products can be used in the Real Estate Industry

With plenty of tradeshows, open houses, and client meetings to attend, there are ample opportunities to foster business relationships and gain brand recognition. Giving away promotional products is proven to be effective in doing just that. Here, [Read More]

reward and incentivize employees

The Best Ways to Reward & Incentivize Employees

  In an article for Incentive Magazine, author Bruce Shutan writes “Employee benefits glue people practices to profitability. This is a thesis supported by many compelling statistics and anecdotes. But an evolving workplace has seen the balance [Read More]

how businesses use color to their advantage

How Businesses Use Color to Their Advantage

  Color Psychology argues that the spectrum of colors can elicit a spectrum of emotional responses. Some common theories that illustrate this is the belief that red cars appear to be moving faster, or that yellow walls [Read More]

rebranding: when to do it and why

Rebranding: When to Do it & Why

Rebranding is a popular marketing strategy – one that has been successfully implemented by small and big brands alike. On the topic of branding and traditional marketing theory, author Anil Kumar Singh et. al. says, “A further [Read More]

ePromos Took Part in PPAI Work Week by Volunteering at a Local Salvation Army

ePromos Served up Hot Lunches & Distributed Free Promotional Items to Those in Need   ST. CLOUD, MN – A promotional supplies company offering a full suite of services and solutions for B2B and B2C companies, employees [Read More]

promotional power banks

The Ultimate Guide To Power Banks

Power Bank Buying Guide In today’s world we’re used to being able to access news and information at our fingertips, interact on social media, perform research, and communicate instantly, from anywhere, through our electronic devices such as [Read More]

7 Ideas for Tradeshow Contests

7 Contest Ideas to Attract People to Your Tradeshow Booth

We know the sheer amount of prep work that goes into preparing for an upcoming tradeshow. There’s the timely matter of sorting out logistics: booking flights, hotels, your booth reservation and more. Then all of the necessary [Read More]

mindfulness in marketing

Mindfulness in Marketing

Over the past few years, mindfulness has been rapidly growing in popularity in today’s over-stimulated, multitasking society. An overload of information, paired with the constant race in terms of who can get the most work done in [Read More]

market your business on a budget

How to Market Your Small Business on a Budget

Any seasoned entrepreneur can tell you that the effectiveness of their marketing efforts is extremely important to the success of their business. Setting up your storefront or website and hoping for people to come visit you is [Read More]

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Great Value-Added Giveaway For Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
Great Value-Added Giveaway For Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
Response from our patients has been overwhelmingly positive, and in fact, they usually ask for extra ones for their kids"
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