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Handsome Dan's Rescue

Handsome Dan’s Rescue

Pit bulls often get a bad rap, but the founders and volunteers at Handsome Dan’s Rescue are on a mission to change that. The Rhode Island-based nonprofit works with pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs, and strives [Read More]

custom display kit

Promotional Products: Tradeshow Booth Displays

Promotional products and tradeshows go hand in hand — especially when it comes to tradeshow booth displays. This is an exhibitor’s shot at a great first impression. The booth (and what’s in it) is what people see [Read More]

custom beanie

Promotional Ski Hats, Knit Hats, And Headbands For Tradeshows

When your next tradeshow rolls around, think about giving promotional ski hats, knit hats, or headbands. These fashion-forward items are something different than the typical tradeshow giveaway, and they help establish your brand as trendy and modern. [Read More]

promotional novelty hat

Tradeshow Promotional Novelty Hats

If you want to make a statement at your next tradeshow, give out promotional novelty hats. These are an excellent way to showcase your company’s personality and reveal the fun side of your business. When they’re imprinted [Read More]

promotional cap

Promotional Caps For Tradeshow Gifts

When do tradeshow attendees turn into walking billboards for your brand? When they’re wearing promotional caps. Think about it. When you give out a few hundred (or more) caps at a tradeshow, it’ll be like a sea [Read More]

promotional caps

Union Made Caps For Tradeshow Giveaways

Have you ever considered giving union made caps for tradeshow giveaways? They’re a great way to make a statement about your company or organization, while getting your logo out in the masses. Let’s take a look at [Read More]

promotional cord wrap

Using Promotional Products At Trade Shows

There are many reasons for companies to give away promotional products at trade shows. Not only do they grab attention on a bustling trade show floor, but promotional items help future customers remember what a particular business [Read More]

mini promotional fan

Trade Show Promotional Mini Fans

Is your company unveiling the hottest products at a trade show? Give out promotional mini fans to drive home the point and make a lasting impression on trade show attendees. Trade shows have always been a good [Read More]

promotional golf umbrella

Promotional Golf Umbrellas For Trade Shows

Why give away promotional golf umbrellas at your next trade show? Because golf is big business. People spend a lot of money every year on golf-related items. It’s a favorite pastime among millions of people, and in [Read More]

custom umbrella

Handing Out Promotional Umbrellas At Tradeshows

Want to make your customers love you? Give them promotional umbrellas. When that first raindrop falls from the sky, your business will be the hero. Your promotional gift keeps recipients from getting drenched, and they won’t forget [Read More]

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