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Promotional products are proven to increase brand awareness, enhance your company’s image and help your company stand out within your marketplace. At ePromos, we always have a SALE section. And there are many great buys to be found, whether you are looking for USB drives, drinkware, tools or apparel. You’ll find many great prices to take advantage of on our website. Our prices are the lowest you will find (we have a low-price guarantee). When you take our low prices and add a sale, you have promotional products cheap to afford and that fit any budget.

SKU:1000158 - Full Color Antimicrobial Custom Mouse Pad - 7.5" x 8" x 0.13"
  • On Sale
as low as $1.99 $1.95
Item: 1000158
SKU:8835895 - Checkmate Check Point Friendly Custom Computer Backpack - 17"
  • On Sale
as low as $25.15 $23.99
Item: 8835895
SKU:8816538 - Eyeglass Promotional Cleaning Cloth
  • On Sale
as low as $0.68 $0.61
Item: 8816538
SKU:10006273 - Large Square Non-Woven Custom Tote Bags - 12"w x 12"h x 12"d
  • On Sale
as low as $1.89 $1.85
Item: 10006273
SKU:10007006 - MopTopper Custom Ear Buds w/ Screen Cleaner & Case
  • On Sale
as low as $3.29 $2.95
Item: 10007006
SKU:8823631 - Sharpie Mini Permanent Custom Marker
  • Free Shipping
as low as $1.25 $1.19
Item: 8823631
SKU:10006223 - Textured Cover Custom Notebooks - 5"w x 7"h
  • On Sale
as low as $2.45 $2.29
Item: 10006223
SKU:10005874 - Full Color BIC Maxi Custom Lighters
  • On Sale
as low as $1.90 $1.79
Item: 10005874
SKU:8824434 - Stainless Steel Promotional Scissors
  • On Sale
as low as $3.05 $2.89
Item: 8824434
SKU:8821486 - Presentation Custom Folder - Gloss Solid Color - 9"w x 12"h
  • On Sale
as low as $0.71 $0.68
Item: 8821486
SKU:8830624 - Corporate Leather Promo Business Card Case - 4" x 3"
  • On Sale
as low as $8.69 $8.29
Item: 8830624
SKU:8833501 - Bamboo Planter Blossom Promo Kit
  • On Sale
as low as $2.89 $2.75
Item: 8833501
SKU:10006943 - 3-in-1 Stylus Custom Pen w/ Cell Phone Stand
  • On Sale
as low as $0.69 $0.63
Item: 10006943
SKU:10005422 - District Very Important Tee Custom T-Shirts - Juniors - Colors
  • On Sale
as low as $4.25 $3.49
Item: 10005422
SKU:10002578 - Emergency Power Bank USB Custom Charger - 4000 mAh
  • On Sale
as low as $8.99 $8.72
Item: 10002578
SKU:10007059 - Non-Woven Custom Shopper Tote Bag - 14.5"w x 15.75"h x 4"d
  • On Sale
as low as $2.19 $2.09
Item: 10007059
SKU:10005795 - Polka Dot Utility Custom Tote Bags - 14"w x 8.5"h x 6.25"d
  • On Sale
as low as $4.79 $4.59
Item: 10005795
SKU:8841090 - Retractable Custom Ear Buds
  • On Sale
as low as $2.15 $1.95
Item: 8841090
SKU:8839609 - Promoclip Custom Paper Clip
  • On Sale
as low as $0.39 $0.37
Item: 8839609
SKU:8825330 - Translucent Frosted Soft Loop Promo Shopping Bag - 5"w x 8"h x 3"d
  • On Sale
as low as $0.65 $0.58
Item: 8825330
SKU:8840940 - Round About Custom Desk Clock and Photo Frame
  • On Sale
as low as $32.39 $30.89
Item: 8840940
SKU:8840216 - MicroBuff Mini Promotional Screen Cleaner
  • On Sale
as low as $0.90 $0.81
Item: 8840216
SKU:8815712 - Full Color BIC Custom Sticky Notes - House - 25 Sheets - 3.75"w x 2.75"h
  • On Sale
as low as $0.48 $0.46
Item: 8815712
SKU:10006679 - Two Tone Folding USB Custom Wall Charger
  • On Sale
as low as $2.99 $2.69
Item: 10006679
SKU:8817738 - Full Color Logo Magnet w/ Picture Frame - Business Motivational Words - 20 mil
  • On Sale
as low as $0.34 $0.32
Item: 8817738
SKU:8839548 - Promotional Ear Buds in Custom Imprinted Case
  • On Sale
as low as $1.39 $1.25
Item: 8839548
SKU:8839546 - iStand Promotional Cell Phone Holder
  • On Sale
as low as $0.99 $0.88
Item: 8839546
SKU:1000317 - Custom Keep-It Clip Memo and Bag Clip - 6"
  • On Sale
as low as $0.75 $0.71
Item: 1000317
SKU:8839545 - Sporty Ear Buds in Custom Imprinted Pouch
  • On Sale
as low as $1.79 $1.59
Item: 8839545
SKU:8840387 - Hard Plastic Promotional iPhone Case
  • On Sale
as low as $2.59 $2.32
Item: 8840387
SKU:8815721 - Full Color BIC Logo Sticky Notes - Number One - 25 Sheets - 2.75"w x 3.75"h
  • On Sale
as low as $0.48 $0.46
Item: 8815721
SKU:10005426 - District Very Important Tee V-Neck Custom T-Shirts - Juniors - White
  • On Sale
as low as $5.29 $4.39
Item: 10005426
SKU:10002238 - Transparent Toiletry Promotional Travel Bag
  • On Sale
as low as $1.99 $1.89
Item: 10002238
SKU:8837335 - Rectangle Translucent Accent Logo USB Drive - 16GB
  • On Sale
as low as $6.75 $6.45
Item: 8837335
SKU:10002570 - On-The-Go Power Bank Custom Cell Phone Charger - 2200 mAh
  • On Sale
as low as $4.65 $4.45
Item: 10002570
SKU:8834748 - Recycled Leather Promo Business Card Holder
  • On Sale
as low as $7.79 $7.39
Item: 8834748

Save Money with Clearance Logo Promotional Items 

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a great deal. Here is an opportunity to save on discount promotional items that have been marked down from their original price. A sale at ePromos, America’s popular online promotional products company, means: we are reducing inventory, there has been a change of seasons, there’s an upcoming event such as the holidays, we are making way for newer styles or we are passing on the savings to you that has been given to us by our suppliers.

Promotional products increase brand awareness and enhance your company’s image. Each day we fill orders for schools, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, universities and individuals. We promise 110% satisfaction so that’s why we have return customers - whether our products are on sale or not. If you’re looking for cheap promotional items, you’ve come to the right place. On sale you’ll find top-quality apparel, drinkware, trade show supplies, bags, office supplies, calendars and more. You’ll find dozens of sales promotional items and ideas to create your own affordable promo product.

Decoration methods for discount promotional products are screen printing, pad printing, laser engraving, debossing, four-color printing, thermal printing, hot stamping, heat transfer, embroidering and custom molding – a process where a product like a USB Drive can be created in the shape of your logo or special design.

ePromos has built a strong business by promoting yours. If one of our products is imprinted with your logo, it needs to say what you want, exactly how you want to say it. Our team works with you to design the best items to showcase your brand. Contact a promo specialist to design a sale item designed specifically for you.

Your budget, goals, and business will determine what promotional products will work for you, but whatever you choose, it is always a good idea to reach your customers and potential customers with more than just a sales pitch or an invoice. Reach out to them with a spectacular logo’d products that will separate your company’s valuable services or products from the next guys.