Swag Bags for Remote Employees

Even if your remote employees live miles away from your office, they’re still valuable members of your team — and they want to feel that way. Keep them feeling motivated and appreciated with some generous work-from-home swag. If you’re preparing to mail out gift boxes soon, we have some ideas for what to put in corporate swag bags for remote employees.

Why Is It Important to Show Appreciation to Remote Employees?

As more of the workforce moves online, your company needs to find ways to adapt to the needs of your valuable remote workers, giving them the same opportunities as their on-site peers. When you show your appreciation for their achievements, they feel like they’re involved in a supportive workplace and will put more effort into their work.

Showing appreciation has the benefits of:

  1. Motivating your employees to succeed and continue their good work.
  2. Creating a positive culture in your workplace, even for those who are unable to be there in person.
  3. Bridging the barrier of distance that makes remote employees feel isolated from their supervisors at times.
  4. Showing employees their work has value even though they don’t commute to the physical office.


10 Swag Bag Ideas for Remote Employees

How do you show appreciation for remote employees? Below are 10 fun and unique categories of gift ideas for remote employees. These corporate swag bag ideas are sure to let your workers know how much you appreciate their dedication to your company.

1. Practical Work-From-Home Gifts

Working from home is easier for employees when they have items that can help them stay organized and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Your employees might be naturally good organizers already, but everyone appreciates getting additional supplies or tools to help make the process easier.

Ideas for items that fit this category include:

  • Custom pens: Promotional pens printed with your company’s logo are a popular choice for a work-from-home gift.
  • Screen cleaners: With a custom screen cleaner, they’ll be able to quickly freshen their computers, tablets and phone screen.
  • Laptop and computer bags: Your remote workers might need to travel for work, which is why a promotional laptop computer bag is a practical gift.
  • Custom notebooks: This custom notebook gift set comes with sticky pads, so remembering things is a snap.

2. Self-Care Kits

These swag bag ideas for your employees will help them relax on their time off so they can be their most productive while on the clock. Self-care is about pampering oneself and unwinding. Here are some ideas for promotional items you can include in a self-care kit:

  • Lip balm: Promotional lip balm comes in several styles and flavors, so you have plenty of options rather than one product.
  • Hand sanitizer: A universal favorite self-care item, this hand sanitizer comes in gels or a spray.
  • Sleep masks: Give the gift of custom sleep masks to encourage your employees to relax after completing their work hours.
  • Lotion and soap: Body lotion and soaps are self-care items everyone needs.

3. Wellness and Fitness Gifts

One way for virtual employees to connect with their co-workers is through virtual running clubs or other fitness groups. You can promote team-building through a fitness club and show you care about your employees by promoting their wellness. One of your primary concerns as their employer should be their wellness.

You can encourage your employees to stay fit and active by gifting them sports apparel and activewear and duffle and gym bags.

4. Electronics

Electronics are popular with remote workers, as they tend to put a lot of effort into creating the perfect home office space. Gift boxes for remote employees with promotional electronics can include:

  • Bluetooth® speakers: Your workers can use their new speakers during meetings for superior sound quality. These speakers can also let them play music to encourage productivity throughout the day.
  • Headphones and earbuds: Having their own set of company-sponsored headphones is useful for improving a work-from-home setup.
  • Phone chargers and power banks: Provide remote workers with a reliable way to charge their devices when they’re traveling for work by giving them custom phone chargers.

5. Apparel

Apparel with your company’s logo helps workers feel unified even when they’re working from miles away. Below are some ideas for promotional apparel that you can supply your remote workers with.

  • Custom hoodies: custom hoodie can be the perfect way for your team to sport your company logo wherever they go. Grab some in a few different styles so your employees can choose the ones they like best.
  • Custom jackets: Everyone needs a trusty jacket to get them through a sudden rainstorm or keep them warm in cold weather. This option will be especially helpful for employees who live in cooler, rainy climates.
  • T-shirts: The versatility of a T-shirt can’t be understated. Your team can wear them when working or throw one on before a workout. Consider both short and long sleeve shirts to give your team some options.

6. Eco-Friendly Gifts

Look for promotional gifts that use eco-friendly materials of a high quality. Recyclable products or sustainable, organic materials such as cotton are ideal when you’re considering gifting promotional items. Below are some ideas:

  • Tote bags: Promotional canvas totes are made of sustainable materials and are reusable, replacing the need for throw-away plastic bags when grocery shopping.
  • Reusable straws: Promote your company’s green values with promotional drinkware accessories to replace plastic straws.

7. Tool Sets or Home Items

If you’re undecided about what kind of gift set to give your employees, a miscellaneous tool set with your company’s name could be just what you need. Home items can also be very helpful, as your remote team is at home for the majority of their days. Check out a few ideas:

  • Jack knives: This 10-in-1 novelty tool doubles as a cocktail gift set and will surprise your workers with its uniqueness.
  • Apron: When your employees are cooking up lunch on their breaks or grilling a delicious meal when they clock off, they can don a protective apron with your logo.
  • Cheese board: cheese board is a must when entertaining. Gift your team custom cheese boards they can show off to their friends and family on a Saturday night.

8. Water Bottles

Many people like taking a water bottle to work with them to stay hydrated and comfortable throughout the day. Providing your employees who work from home with company-branded custom water bottles will help them feel like they’re at an office. They can also take their water bottles to the gym or when they’re on the go.

9. Coffee Cups

Keep your employees productive and refreshed by offering promotional coffee mugs they can keep in their home offices. You can choose between a classic coffee mug or a stainless steel travel mug they can leave home with.

10. Wristlet Pouches

If you want to try something a little different, give your workers some new accesories. A wristlet is perfect for storing important items while traveling. A wristlet zippered pouch is just big enough for a wallet, phone and keys — all you need when running errands.


Reward Your Remote Employees With Custom Swag From ePromos

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