Administrative Professionals Day

Show your secretaries, receptionists, and administrative assistants that you cherish the hard work they put in every day by celebrating Administrative Professionals Day. Previously known as National Secretaries Day, this holiday is observed on the last Wednesday in April. It’s a great time to show employees how much you care about them!

History of the Holiday

Administrative Professionals Day was created in 1952 by Harry F. Klemfuss of Young & Rubicam, who noticed the importance and value of this position to a company. Klemfuss handled the Dictaphone Corporation account for his advertising agency, and it was at this job where he used his skills to encourage more women to seek receptionist roles, and to promote the position’s significance. His arguments were heard by Mary Barrett and Victor Toldoya, presidents of what was then called the National Secretaries Association (today, this organization is known as The International Association of Administrative Professionals, or IAAP). Klemfuss and his fellow account executives proposed the idea for a week-long celebration, and National Secretaries Week was held for the first time that year.

In 2000, the name was changed to Administrative Professionals Day to keep up with the ever changing responsibilities and job titles of the workforce. Today, this secular holiday is celebrated not only in the United States, but across the globe in countries including Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Ideas for How to Recognize & Celebrate Your Employees

Change the background on their desktop or laptop computer to a message from the staff! There are plenty of quotes for Administrative Professionals Day, both thoughtful and humorous, that can be found online.

Get them a thank you card. This will be a nice little keepsake from the rest of the office. Hallmark card stores have a small selection of greeting cards specifically designed for giving to colleagues and administrative professionals. All you have to do is choose one and have the rest of the staff sign it! It’s guaranteed to have a spot on his or her desk for the year.

Take them out for coffee. Who doesn’t love a nice coffee break? Forget the disposable cups – sit down at a local coffee shop and take 40 minutes or so to catch up and spend some time with your receptionists. There is no better occasion to thank them for the work that they’re doing, and to let them know that their commitment is valued. Instead of saying so in passing at the office, coffee is a low-cost, low-commitment solution that will truly show your staff that you care.

Treat them out to lunch on the company’s dime. As the face of the business, it’s likely your receptionists doesn’t often get to leave their post. Have another employee take the reins on handling answering the door, phone, and email for a couple of hours, while your administrators get a little time off to enjoy a nice lunch out with some of the team! If you can’t spare the expense or time away from their desk, opt instead for take-out or a catered lunch so they get both a nice meal and quick recess.

Bring them a sweet treat as a nice little “thank you”. A cake is nice, but this is a celebration for one person or department, not the whole office. Baked goods like cookies or cupcakes are a generous and personal way to prove that your employees’ efforts are valued.

If you’re gunning to win Boss of the Year Award, go ahead and give them a day off! You can choose to schedule the day into your work calendar, or allow your employees to select a day to enjoy to themselves. If a full eight hours is too much time, you can always let them out early. You might even give them an extended lunch break and money for a nice meal out or for a bit of pampering (a mid-day mani/pedi never hurt!)

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