Bicycle Safety MonthePromos can help your business cycle towards success with promotional products for Bicycle Safety Month. Every May, we celebrate Bicycle Safety Month. This month teaches safe biking practices for both kids and adults, as well as promoting the use of bicycling as an environmentally-friendly form of transportation. Whether its obeying traffic laws, finding the right helmet, or making sure your bike is safely locked up, this month is dedicated to educating the public with all sorts of tips and tricks to make biking a fun and safe experience.

ePromos has promotional products that will leave your employees and clients in the mood to hop on a bike! For example, promotional T-shirts with a message like “Be cool about bike safety” or actual bike tips can let the person wearing the T-shirt and those who see them be more aware of bike safety issues. Or, you can encourage safe and healthy biking with promotional binoculars, promotional compasses, promotional gps, and custom logo binoculars that they can take with them when they bike. Promotional water bottles are great everywhere (not just on a bike), so your logo will be seen all around the office, bike trails, and in gymnasiums. Call an ePromos Promotions Specialist to get started!

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Promote Bicycle Safety Month with ePromos Promotional Products