Brain Tumor Action Week

Brain Tumor Action Week359,000 individuals are currently living with brain tumors in the United States, with more than 195,000 new diagnoses each year. Also, there are over 120 different types of brain tumors, which makes discovering an effective treatment an extremely daunting and exhausting task. That is why during the first part of May each year, the U.S. acknowledges Brain Tumor Action Week (May 4th to the 10th) – in order to draw attention to and raise awareness for people who are living with this debilitating and often deadly condition.

Brain Tumor Action Week is a perfect opportunity to garner awareness for the pain that people with brain tumors, as well as those that surround them, experience and endure. To honor this week, make a contribution to a brain tumor foundation and look into promotional products that can help people become cognizant of the effects of brain tumors and the importance of brain tumor research.

Turn to ePromos for all of your promotional product needs. We have a wide selection of items that will raise awareness for Brain Tumor Action Week as well as demonstrate your company’s dedication to healthy and happy individuals. Check out our promotional pins, which look great with your company’s logo. Branded bumper stickers are also a good way to get creative and spread the word about this cause, well after the week ends. Finally, distribute brain-shaped promotional stress balls with an awareness message to encourage donation or action in regards to Brain Tumor Action Week.

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