To help save lives during Breast Health Awareness Month, ePromos offers a quality selection of items that help promote information workshops, free screenings, and fundraising events. Breast Health Awareness Month is an important opportunity to educate the public about breast cancer, a disease that affects over 1.5 million women worldwide. During this month, different organizations aim to inform women about breast cancer, as well as offer possible preventative measures and treatments.

Local health organizations routinely offer low-cost and no-cost mammograms, which are instrumental in the early detection of the disease. Other organizations use this time to orchestrate fundraising events that benefit medical research in the hopes of finding a cure. Spreading the word about these events is a crucial aspect of Breast Health Awareness Month.

Breast cancer promotional awareness bracelets are a very popular fundraising item that allows people to show their solidarity in the fight against this disease.  If given a low price, like $1, people are almost guaranteed to make multiple purchases.  A great place to sell them is at sporting events.  Walk up and down bleachers so attendees don’t even have to come to you.

If you are holding a large event and are planning on doing raffle tickets, ePromos also carries a large selection of promotional wine accessories that make great giveaways and gift baskets!

Breast Health Awareness Month is about educating as many people as possible. Help spread the word about breast health by calling ePromos today to organize a successful promotional campaign.

Promote Breast Health Awareness Month with ePromos Promotional Products