Cancer Control MonthePromos knows that fighting cancer is a hard battle that takes personal and physical strength and the help of loved ones. With the number of cancer cases rising each year, it’s hard to control the deadly disease. Sponsored by the American Cancer Society, Cancer Control Month seeks to decrease the number of new cancer cases and eventually destroy cancer.

Right now, scientists are studying the behaviors of cancer cells, attempting to determine a cure. We must support the foundations and hospitals that research endlessly to control this harmful disease. You can do so by a donation to any reputable cancer society, but that’s only half the battle. The other half is making sure the American public is aware of cancer threats and how to detect them. This includes seeing your doctor regularly, getting mammograms, checking for abnormal skin lesions, etc. To ensure the message has been delivered, ePromos has numerous promotional products that can help.

In theory, all of our products can deliver a message about cancer, but we can highlight some great examples. If you’re trying to get men to go to their doctors for an exam, order some custom outdoor sports accessories to remind them on their next camping or sports outing. Women can be reminded by perhaps handing out custom make-up kits Of course, there are many options and different audiences, but your message is clear: controlling cancer is vital to the health of our nation. Promotional products assist in delivering that information.

For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar.

Promote Cancer Control Month with ePromos Promotional Products