Children's Awareness MonthePromos cares about children and their well being. The month of June is recognized as Children’s Awareness Month. Sponsored by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Children’s Awareness Month focuses on educating people about how to create a safe environment for their kids. It’s primary goal is to have children being less exposed to violence and to make sure they don’t spend their time growing up emotionally scarred.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services wants you to think about why our prisons are so full and why kids are growing up and living a life of crime. We all want kids to enjoy their childhood and have a happy one and Children’s Awareness Month is the time to promote that with ePromos promotional products. We have a wide selection of promotional items that can raise awareness about this important month!

Stock up on great items to promote this important month.  Popular items that people will love are promotional unstructured baseball caps, logo baseball caps, custom baseball hats, and promotional caps that they can wear and enjoy during and well after the month is over. To plan a project for Children’s Awareness Month, call ePromos today!

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Promote Children’s Awareness Month with ePromos Promotional Products