Craniofacial Acceptance MonthSeptember is Craniofacial Acceptance Month, in which we recognize all those who must cope with various craniofacial disorders, and the organizations that support them. Craniofacial disorders are facial and skull shape abnormalities brought about by birth defect, disease, or trauma. While craniofacial conditions are physical deformities that can hinder one from performing tasks, such as chewing speaking, those inflicted are also susceptible to social issues because of their inability to conform to “normal” facial features. However, modern medicine and new surgery procedures can be very helpful in improving certain conditions.

It is imperative that you recognize the importance of this month by showing that you understand and care about those who struggle with craniofacial disorders. With promotional ribbons and awareness bracelets imprinted with your company name and logo you can rally your staff behind a great cause and demonstrate your company’s commitment to meaningful issues outside of the office. These products from ePromos will help you reach large amounts of people in the quickest and most direct way. Make sure that individuals with craniofacial disorders are receive the recognition and respect they deserve.

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