Domestic Violence Awareness Month was started in October of 1981 by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  It first began as a place for battered women to connect and stand-up together to advocate the rights for women and children.

Across the country, different activities are held on local, state, and national levels to educate and raise awareness about this vital issue. Throughout October, we mourn those who have fallen victim to domestic violence, celebrate the courage and bravery of those who have survived, and honor all of the amazing people who are currently working to put an end to domestic violence.

ePromos offers a selection of promotional items that are a great way to raise awareness and educate the public during Domestic Violence Awareness month. Hopefully, if enough people are knowledgeable on the topic, we can finally come together to put an end to it. Popular items like our promotional lip balms are great to hand out to women of all ages.  These lip balms could have an emergency number or hotline on it or just a friendly reminder of how important they are.

When choosing a promotional product make sure to pick something used almost everyday.  Another great promotional product to give out during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month are personalized umbrellas.  Umbrellas are great to leave in an office for people to use on their way out and just a small representation that your company is there even on the rainiest of days.

For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar.

Promote Domestic Violence Awareness Month with ePromos Promotional Products