Drive Safely to Work Week is held every October and spreads awareness of the rules of the road and drivers’ special needs and considerations.

Since driving encompasses a variety of motorists in terms of age and experience, it is especially important to inform drivers of the unique challenges of the road in order to maintain safer neighborhoods and highways for the future. Approximately 115 people die every day from driving accidents, so it’s critical that as many people get involved in promoting Drive Safely to Work Week as possible.

If your company has many employees that commute everyday, take this week to make sure they are practicing safe driving.  No texting and driving!  This new fad is so dangerous and is the leading cause of car accidents.  Distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving.

Give out brochures to you employees with safe driving tips.  Just taking a few minutes to educate people during Drive Safely to Work Week could save lives.

ePromos has a large set of promotional automotive products that your business can distribute to support driving safely. Choose from a variety of custom car safety products and promotional emergency kits that will have consumers feeling more relaxed as they are traveling in their vehicles.  It is always a good idea to own one just in case of emergencies.  By having ePromos imprint your business logo on these items, consumers will be able to relate your company to a widespread cause that is in constant progression.

For some other great promotional opportunities, check out our promotional calendar.

Promote Drive Safely to Work Week with ePromos Promotional Products