Facial Protection MonthDid you remember to wear a helmet when rollerblading or eye protection when you were mowing the lawn or a mouth guard when you played hockey with your co-workers? Facial Protection Month is dedicated to encouraging athletes, students, adults and children alike to protect their face, head, and teeth during activities.

Here is a great time to promote safety in your industry! Facial Protection Month can target anyone from construction workers to families to professional athletes. Even if you work as an orthodontist or as a sports coach, telling your clients about facial protection is important in preserving their health and individual aesthetics. You can run an email marketing campaign reinforced with direct mail promotional items in order to highlight great ways to protect the face of your clients like wearing helmet, mouth guards, protective eyewear, safely filing the nails of your dog/cat, or padding sharp corners of tables for babies and toddlers etc.

Facial Protection Month promotion can span across many industries so inform your clients facial safety measures.

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