Family Health Month

Throughout the month of October, the American Academy of Family Physicians encourages all families to participate in Family Health Month.

This month-long campaign is designed to help every family member take a closer look at their overall health and discover new ways to live a healthy lifestyle. By taking a personal health inventory that analyzes your current diet, fitness, stress levels, health hazards, diseases, and alcohol and tobacco use, you can get a much better idea of what needs to be done to improve your health. Physicians nationwide are available to offer professional advice about how to achieve your fitness goals.

It is sometimes very difficult to start a healthier lifestyle by yourself, that is why during October families are encouraged to do it together, as a team.  Start having family sit-down dinners together.  No TV or cell phones allowed.  When the family is conversing at the table, it allows families to really talk about what is important.

Another fun thing to get active is to hold a family field day.  Have each member show up in their favorite color and compete in activities that test your physical and mental skills.  At the end of the games, have healthy snacks ready for everyone to munch on.

Family Health Month is destined to bust bad habits and create new healthy ones and also maybe some new family traditions!

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