November is the perfect month to recognize the traditional pastime of sharing family stories as we spend time with loved ones to give thanks and enjoy home-based festivities. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) officially recognizes Family Stories Month through its Food and Nutrition Service department with the aspiration to revive the cherished practice of storytelling.

Family stories can be anything from tales about past relatives to places and events special to the members of our immediate family or their ancestors.  Social media and cell phones seem to have replaced family time and story telling.  Many families are communicating less and less lately and Family Stories Month is a great way to start off on a new foot.  Have your family sit down for dinner every night, no TV, no cell phones, and share a story.  Have one person share at a time about their favorite family memory.  its a time for parents to educated their children about the history of the family tree as well as having kids practice their public speaking skills through story form.

Families aren’t always just blood related.  You have a work family as well! Host a special lunch-in or dinner for all employees, have them bring one stories that they believe defies who their family is.  If a lunch can not be planned, have one person a day share their story via email or the company communications page.  Events like these allow coworkers to come together and become more comfortable with their work environment.

Take a break and celebrate this joyous occasion with your staff by planning a promotional event centered on Family Stories Month.  At your Family Stories Month dinner, set the table with promotional plastic cups that encourage everyone to share their story.  If people would prefer to share through text instead of speaking, give out custom notebooks to give employees a place to jot down their favorite memories.  They could leave these journals at their desk and whenever they need a five minute break on a difficult day, they can always look back into those notebooks for a happy reminder.  A casual get-together with your employees is an excellent bonding experience, and in turn, unites the staff into a family of its own.

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