Financial Planning Week takes place in October, and ePromos wants to help promote a sound financial planning with our gigantic selection of promotional products! Life has a lot of expenses – some expected, some unexpected. Solid financial planning can help you gain control of your life, and do what you really want. Learn to kick your bad habits goodbye this Financial Planning Week!

If you are planning for a special occasion or a vacation here is an easy trick to save cash fast.  Every time you receive a $10 bill, put it away in a place your can not take it back, like a promotional piggy bank.   This will add up fast, ten here and ten there, you’ll be able to afford that trip in no time.

If you want to apply the principles of saving, a promotional wallet is a great choice as a giveaway! It will remind people to think twice if they are purchasing a necessity or a want, every time they reach into their pocket. Personalize it with your company logo and that’s a great way to remind people of your business.

With thousands of products to chose from, ePromos is the place to go for promotional items. Don’t wait, call one of our representatives today!

Promote Financial Planning Week with ePromos Promotional Products