This October, ePromos wants to help you celebrate Free Speech Week with our huge selection of promotional products.

Freedom of speech is guaranteed to American citizens under the First Amendment of the Constitution, and it is one of the founding principals of most democracies throughout the world. The right to free speech is important, so don’t miss out on your chance to protect it!

Celebrate this week at work by having an office wide contest.  Have employees have a Free Speech Contest.  Let participants enter in their own artwork, essays, and even song lyrics.  These free speech pieces can be hung around the office all week to let employees see, almost as in an art show for.  Then at the end of the week hand out customized awards for some of the best pieces!

To promote Free Speech Week, a great idea for your company or organization would be to promote your cause on products that people traditionally use during speeches. ePromos has great selection of  promotional speakers and headphones. With a message about Free Speech Week across the side of megaphones and speakers, they are sure to make a (loud) statement!

With thousands of products to chose from, ePromos is the place to go for promotional items. Don’t wait, call one of our representatives today!

Promote Freedom Of Speech Week with ePromos Promotional Products