Great Outdoors MonthJune is the month for the sun. In 2004, President Bush proclaimed June: “Great Outdoors Month” in recognition of the increased activity of vacationers and adventures across the country around that time every year. This month is intended to promote physical activity and should be celebrated by everyone around the country by taking advantage of the gorgeous summer weather and going outside. Therefore, for the past 3 years, during the month

of June, more people than ever have been taking vacations, having picnics, taking walks in the park, going to the beach, even doing extreme sports like rock climbing and hiking. With this in mind, companies can take advantage of this opportunity by supplying some of the products that go along with these activities.  Give customers promotional flip-flops, promotional sandal, logo socks, and custom printed shoelaces and watch them come back to your company for more of your products and services because they feel a connection with you.

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