Halloween is generally associated with crazy costumes and buckets of candy, however,there are also many safety issues that need to be taken care of to make sure children continue to have fun.

Halloween Safety Month is not just a time to educate kids to be careful, but parents and other adults as well. For example, drivers are warned to drive more slowly and watch out for kids on the streets. Parents are also taught to make sure their child’s costume is safe and flame resistant. And, as usual, children are taught to only go to houses they are familiar with.

Pass out promotional glow stick lanyards to kids and parents around Halloween.  The children will love them and think their fun while their parents will be appreciative of your safety measurements.

Another safety hazard many people do not think about are fires.  Instead of placing a lite candle in your jack-o-lantern why not put a custom battery operated candle.  These have the same effect yet, are much safer and will last longer than your regular wax candle.

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