Washing your hands should be a part of everybody’s everyday routine. Hands pick up germs, spreading them from surface to surface, food to food, and person to person. One of the best ways to limit the spread of germs is thorough hand washing.

National Hand Washing Awareness Week is a great time to reinforce the importance of hand washing and its ability to control the spread of germs. This awareness week is typically reserved for toddlers and children, but because maintaining a healthy workforce is vital to your success, you should not hesitate to make this an awareness event at your workplace.

Give employees promotional hand sanitizer, personalized tissues, and hang up posters to promote a healthy and clear working space. No matter what strategy you want to use to encourage better hand washing practices and limit the transfer of germs, ePromos has the promotional products to help you achieve your goals. Call of one of our Promotions Specialists to get started today!

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Promote Hand Washing Awareness Week with ePromos Promotional Products