Celebrate Healthy Lungs Month this October with ePromos! Healthy Lungs Month is sponsored by the American Lung Association and was designed to raise awareness about how to maintain great health. Avoiding cigarette smoke and pollution are two important ways to maintain lung health – and are surefire ways to cut down on healthcare costs.

If your business is invested in the well-being of your employees, promoting Healthy Lungs Month is a great way to show you care!  You can give all employees custom awareness bracelets that they can wear or connect to their keys to be a constant reminder that smoking is dangerous to the body.  Especially if your office has a lot of employees that smoke, you can put Healthy Lung Month posters all over the office, specifically at the doors that they use to go outside.

ePromos offers a variety of promotional products to help make Healthy Lung Month a success for your company. Help discourage smoking by providing employees with promotional gum or mints, and reward those who quit with a custom gift. Whatever you choose, ePromos is guaranteed to have something that will make your promotion of Healthy Lungs Month a success!

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Promote Healthy Lung Month with ePromos Promotional Products