Inhalants and Poisons Awareness WeekWhat does it mean to use inhalants? Inhalant use refers to intentionally breathing in fumes or gas in order to reach a high. Some young people are using common household and school products like corrector fluid, glue, or cleaning liquids to get high because these products are accessible and cheap. Inhalant use is highly dangerous and illegal so spread the word to help stop the popularization of this act.

Educating our children about inhalants and poisons is tough because peer pressure is ubiquitous. Within the education industry, Inhalants and Poison Awareness Week is a great time to involve your students in promoting your no tolerance of any form of drug use agenda. Put on a short entertaining play giving out new and unique promotional items like skull stress balls or MP3 players as opposed to a humdrum awareness program in order to grasp the attention of young people and to combat the desire to use inhalants. Does your company have a community mobilization campaign in place for Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week to reach the young people in your community. Teach parents about the health implications of huffing and inhalant use like kids poisoning themselves through inhaling and possibly creating a gateway for other kinds of substance abuse.

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