International Childhood Cancer Campaign Month

Creative Promotional Ideas to Recognize International Childhood Cancer Campaign Month

Raising awareness for serious medical conditions gives your office a prime chance to show how much your company cares about the world around them. In the case of childhood cancer research and education, your brand can get creative in bringing people of all ages together in the mission of supporting an awesome cause!

Each June, International Childhood Cancer Campaign Month shines the spotlight on the brave children and families that endure the trials and tribulations that come with this disease. For more than a decade, medical organizations have taken the time to develop community events of all kinds. These are important as they help to inform, empower, and educate people about how they can help in eliminating childhood cancer.

12,000 children and teenagers receive a cancer diagnosis annually. While this news devastates families, you can find a way to show your neighborhood that your brand is in the fight!

Suggestions to Help Raise Awareness for Childhood Cancer

Partner with Local Nonprofits

Medical Offices Optimist International first began commemorating June as International Childhood Cancer Campaign Month in 2001. Since then, many charities lend their voice to fighting this horrible sickness. Some of the more well-known charities include the American Childhood Cancer Organization, Childhood Cancer International, and the American Cancer Society.

With numerous charities in support of research and education opportunities, coming up with your own way of supporting childhood cancer research is easier than ever. Partner with the nearest regional location of your local cancer nonprofit to develop a family-friendly and fun way to celebrate life.


Plan a Family Fun Day

The bigger the event, the better the fun! Coordinate a community-wide day of events, with activities such as face painting, carnival games, raffles, outdoor team games and sports. Give the children and adults from your area something to look forward to! Family days help to bring the public together no matter their age. This is a great way to connect with patients, students, and families in an informal setting.


Sponsor an Event

Partner with your charity of choice to sponsor a local marathon or other athletic event. Individuals will be encouraged to get involved in raising awareness in the fight against childhood cancer. Nothing boosts participation quite like a competition – make it a race where the winner will receive a prize or amount donated in their name, or challenge participants to find sponsors of their own to help raise money for your charity partner. This is one event that will receive plenty of documentation and press coverage to get your name out into the community!


Create a Seminar or Workshop Series

Childhood cancer affects more than just the child or teen diagnosed. It conjures an emotional struggle for families and friends, and can have a profound effect on peers and teachers/mentors, both of the child and parental units. Seminars or workshop classes can help individuals to learn, communicate, and heal; talking through the difficulties of being close to someone with a life-threatening illness.

Your business can host and coordinate a single event or series of events that allow for discussion, counseling, education, and therapeutic recreational activities to benefit affected families and their community.


Host a Social Media Chat

Social media is a key tool in reaching anyone, and using your brand’s voice to help inform people on why cancer research is important is as easy as hitting ‘Send.’ Use your office’s Twitter to gather and answer questions on current advancements in cancer treatment, or contact a doctor willing to answer questions using the short video functionality of Instagram.

Be sure to talk to your participants, too! Interact with people answering questions, and consider offering a giveaway of some sort to garner further interest in the event.


Volunteer to Help Current Cancer Patients

If you’re serious about getting your brand the exposure it needs, there’s no better way to show it by volunteering! By putting faces to the brand, your people won’t forget your good deeds any time soon. Whether you decide to offer rides to doctor visits, plan to create care packages for children in intensive care, or write cards to local childhood cancer patients, lend your brand’s voice to a very admirable cause.


Conduct a Memorial

It’s a reality that many young patients lose their battle to cancer, even after receiving treatment. It is because of these patients that society continues to fight for a cure for kids afflicted by cancer everywhere. Gathering people together for a memorial service to remember those who are no longer with us shows that your office is fully invested in observing Cancer Campaign Month, while paying respect to those brave kids who are still fighting the disease.


Show off Your Brand and Your Brand’s Heart

Whether you require pins or ribbons to pay your respects, pedometers to help log marathon miles, or traditional awards to recognize pillars of health within your community, ePromos’ selection of branded merchandise for kids and adults will give your marketing team the tools to display your company name tactfully. By choosing the right items – and the right events and ideas in which to showcase them – your business can do its part for the people around them, while giving your brand the exposure it deserves!

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