International Creativity MonthIt is about time the world got creative: creative in our way of spending, using earth’s resources, in our way of communicating with each other. International Creativity Month is a chance for us all to explore and unite through our creative energy. For this month we explore the concept of originality and and celebrate the generation of new ideas; implement creativity and newness in all aspects of your daily life.

Making room for innovation is a great way of obtaining positive change. Stimulate your employees’ imagination by having a daily morning riddle as a mental stimulus or a monthly puzzle for them to solve, giving away a prize for whoever submits the correct answer first. Any industry can benefit from an extra ounce of creativity because ingenuity is all about finding a different, more resourceful path of doing an activity whether it’s discovering a way of giving a resistant and sick person his/her medicine at the hospital or teaching nursery school children their shapes and ABC’s. International Creativity Month can even be a great time for you to think of a cool marketing campaign with promotional products like custom door hangers, logo floor mats, custom printed counter mats, and promotional signs.  Let’s get creative!

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