International Literacy DayHelp someone attain the gifts of reading and writing by promoting International Literacy Day on September 8th with promotional giveaways and gifts.International Literacy Day focuses attention on literacy issues and needs on a global level. An estimated 860 million of the world’s adults cannot read or write and more than 100 million children lack access to education. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) along with the International Reading Association (IRA) were formed to deal with these issues in an effort to give everyone in the world the gift of reading and writing.

International Literacy Day is also a day for celebration as there are close to 4 billion literate people in the world today. Many awards and programs are available through UNESCO and the IRA for individuals and organizations that are playing a part in the challenge to achieve worldwide literacy. International Literacy Day is celebrated on September 8th every year. The significance of this date is that on September 8th, 1966, the World Conference of Ministers of Education on the Eradication of Illiteracy was held in Tehran, Iran. The Conference decided to make this date International Literacy Day to recognize the strides made in global literacy, as well as a day of remembrance for all those who have not yet been given the opportunity to learn to read and write.

The United Nations adopted a resolution in 2001 to make the decade from 2003-2012 the Literacy Decade. This resolution manifests a collective will of countries that are facing literacy challenges and those countries that are in a position to aid them to promote literacy together. At ePromos, we recognize that it is everyone’s social responsibility to join in the campaign for worldwide literacy. The ability to read and write is an essential component in our own company, as well as our daily quality of life. It is important to bring attention to our international literacy deficit, and as a promotional company, we are in a great position to be able to provide many products that would be great ways to remind people about International Literacy Day.

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