Creative Ways to Commemorate International Multiple Sclerosis Month

Each May, International Multiple Sclerosis Month provides an opportunity for patients and their loved ones to shine a light on this disorder. As of 2014, more than 2.1 million individuals currently battle with MS, and this month includes many events celebrating those who continue their fight against the disease. Many hospitals, doctor’s offices, rehabilitation centers, and nonprofits give their time and energy to awareness and more knowledge of MS; use this occasion to lend your brand’s voice to the cause!

The first official discovery of multiple sclerosis in 1868 led to many years of debate and tension after its detection. With the advancement of modern medicine and research, medical professionals are continuing to make strides in upgraded treatment options for patients. Those suffering from MS experience symptoms brought on by the lack of myelin within receptors in the central nervous system. Due to the lack of receptor “insulation,” patients experience symptoms such as numbness in limbs to severe paralysis.

Additional Info on Multiple Sclerosis

Currently, there are four types of multiple sclerosis known to medical professionals. The most common, RRMS, afflicts more than two times the amount of women as it does men. Also, discovery of this MS type usually occurs within the 20s and 30s. While most with RRMS (relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis) move on to SPMS, 15% of MS cases are usually diagnosed as Primary progressive MS, or PPMS.

Ways Your Brand Can Recognize MS Patients

Due to the wide reach of multiple sclerosis, numerous events allow individuals from all walks of life to contribute. Since 1946, nonprofit organizations like the National MS Society and the MS International Federation have inspired memorial runs, banquets honoring former patients, as well as other unique functions. Additionally, World MS Day falls on the last Wednesday in May, providing another chance to get the word out!

Organize a Patient Education Group

Gather patients and their loved ones to come together and learn more about treating multiple sclerosis. Use this month to begin giving group members a platform to share their stories on how they live their lives. By opening your space to the community, you are able to help increase awareness.

Plan a Bike Ride

Events such as bike rides give your group the chance to have fun while lending their time. Use this as a vehicle to fundraise for your preferred MS charity, or use the event as a friendly competition that also serves as the perfect education opportunity.

Assemble Care Packages for Patients

A great way to get the word out about MS is to make a care package for patients. Get people together to assemble mini kits with items anyone can use to train their brains and get them moving. Items such as stress balls are perfect to stimulate movement between treatments, while jigsaw puzzles and healthy snacks help the brain stay fed.

Team Up with Other Medical Offices to Fundraise

Help build a stronger bond within your public by collaborating with fellow medical offices in your area. Raise funds in a friendly competition to see which rehab center or doctor’s office can make the most for MS research. No matter who wins, you can help educate while having some fun in the process.

Teach Others about MS Treatment & Research Advancement

In addition to bringing people together to share in learning how to treat MS, take this month to dedicate time to lending your voice to advancements in multiple sclerosis research. Educating your public about associated conditions that can affect MS diagnoses, as well as the strides in discovery, help to give hope to those close to the cause.

Promotional Gift Ideas for International Multiple Sclerosis Month

Your brand can use the month of May to not only give a voice to the multiple sclerosis community, but to amplify your brand’s own voice. By choosing the right promotional products, you can put together a great event, giveaway, or other creative option to get your name out there. Take the time to brainstorm with your marketing team to plan a great event to contribute to a worthy cause while giving your brand the perfect platform.