Jazz Appreciation Month

Jazz Appreciation MonthWith April showers, comes a month-long reign of jazz appreciation. In a city steeped in rich musical tradition – New Orleans, Louisiana – aficionados congregate from all over the world to celebrate the conception of jazz. Launched by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) notes the American creation of Jazz as an influential contribution to world culture. Jazz musicians were the first to experiment with the improvisation of their instruments and voices, resulting in a total innovation of sound.

The festivities bring public recognition to the music, the composers, the musicians and other artists of the sound. Celebrate jazz legends like Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, who all share April birthdays. You can pump up the energy in your office with promotional corporate desktop gifts, custom office gifts, logo desk gifts, and personalized corporate desk gifts to enrich your company culture. A fun addition to the corporate calendar would be to host a jazz listening session or a jazz-themed party. It’s sure to be a big hit! To jam even bigger, your company could sponsor a jazz concert in the community, which would certainly generate upbeat publicity.

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