In 2007, Congress established November as Long Term Care Awareness Month.  This month provides a time to highlight the importance of planning for coverage of long term care.  Long term care is a little different then medical care.  Long term care is considered the aid in certain everyday activities such as eating, bathing, cleaning, cooking, etc. This type of care is mostly seen in an assisted living center of some sort.

With the ageing populating and the rising costs of health care, it’s more important than ever to be knowledgeable about long term care and to begin planning for it– and to encourage your employees to do the same.

At ePromos, we’ll have everything you need to promote Long Term Care Awareness Month and raise health conciousness among your employees and co-workers.  Any product from our healthcare promotional products category would make an appropriate promotional handout.  You could also try distributing refrigerator magnets with your personalized message about long term care (and your brand name) at the forefront of their minds every time they are in the kitchen. No matter how you choose to promote Long Term Care Awareness Month to your employees, ePromos can lend a helping hand!

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