National Autism Awareness MonthSince the 1970s, the Autism Society has bookmarked April as National Autism Awareness Month. ePromos has products readily available to spread awareness about autism and those affected by it.

Autism affects the brain, and the signs can be seen as early as age two. It is characterized by communication and social problems mixed with restrictive and repetitive behaviors. Mild cases are common, however, severe cases can be debilitating. Much research is being performed, learning how the primarily genetic disease develops, but we aren’t close to a cure.

Many people know that autism exists, but aren’t aware of what it can do or the people who are affected by it. Let promotional products send a message to your target audience about autism. Promotional notebooks with an imprinted, highly visible logo and message will be remembered every time the person needs to write something down. Promotional tote bags are useful items that you can bring to the beach, around town, and to the grocery store, all the while spreading awareness. Or, you could target the local community with promotional T-shirt giveaways. However you decide to promote autism awareness, you’ll be doing so with the gratitude of the thousands who need permanent care. ePromos wants to help you receive that gratitude.

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Promote National Autism Awareness Month with ePromos Promotional Products