National Bike MonthNational Bike Month is about getting outside and riding. You can ride your bike through the park, on the street, or on a trail. In May, we celebrate two-wheeled transportation, including the recreational and safety aspects of bicycling.

How do you promote National Bike Month? Well, as with any holiday, there are many options. Let promotional products work for you, and think about what would get the message across to your audience. For instance, bikers need promotional water bottles, so doling that out at a local event would be beneficial to the overall holiday. But, what they’ll really need is a promotional carabiner to attach it to the bike. Using promotional products is sometimes just about solving a problem your audience might have. If you do, they’ll be grateful and remember your cause.

Many bikers ride in the streets because they’re banned form the sidewalks. Some cars come dangerously close to hitting unfortunate bikers everyday. Promote safety in the streets with custom bumper stickers on cars and flashing objects on bikes. This way, both parties remember to respect and be aware of each other.

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