National Cell Phone Courtesy MonthJuly has been designated as Cell Phone Courtesy Month. During this month cell phone users are expected to be extra courteous when using there cell phones. By following several rules you can promote cell phone courtesy month in your business.

Be All There:

While your employees are in a business meeting or another business setting let important calls go to voicemail or better yet turn off all cell phones. Give your employees and clients something to hold their cell phone with logo electronics, promotional electronics, custom cell phone cases, custom calculators.

Stay Calm:

Keep your employees stress free during an emotional phone call with promotional stress ball phone cradles.

Focus On Driving:

Keep your employees and clients safe on the road while on their cell phones with promotional bluetooth headsets.

Learn To Use Your Indoor Ring:

Teach your employees to use their vibrate or silent functions while in the office and to save loud obnoxious ringtones for outside. Reward the “Most Polite Cell Phone User” with promotional cell phone cases. Do your part to set the example for proper cell phone etiquette during the month of July with promotional products from ePromos!

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Promote National Cell Phone Courtesy Month with ePromos Promotional Products