National Coloring Book Day

National Coloring Book Day Ideas for Businesses, Schools, and Healthcare

Coloring books have always been a hit with kids, and even adult coloring books have been becoming quite the trendy item recently. More adult coloring books are being published than ever before, and everyone seems to know that coloring as a means of mindfulness are the “it thing” right now. It seems that grown-ups are learning what kids already knew: coloring is an effective means of having fun that can help us to learn new information or simply relax our minds!

Dover Publications has been publishing adult coloring books since 1970, with their first drawings featuring antique automobiles. Today, adult coloring book designs range from meditative, tattoo designs, to Grumpy Cat. Their complex designs are created for adults with fine motor skills. The use of colored pencils or fine tip markers is best to use for their intricate designs. Coloring is not only fun, it has a lot of benefits, too. Dover realized these benefits, and applied to have August 2nd celebrated as National Coloring Book Day.

Ease Employees’ Minds with Coloring

Studies have shown that coloring has a calming effect and lowers stress. It’s an active form of meditation like yoga or origami. The activity allows you to be creative while being in a form of a meditative state to turn off your mind. Color therapy is starting to be used with people who have stress, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Many people have a hard time falling asleep at night, but even 5 mins of coloring before bed can help coax a racing mind to rest.

For these and other benefits, coloring is the ideal activity for working professionals and those often plagued by stress and overwhelm. You may consider coloring books as an internal gift to be used at home, on Friday afternoons at the office, or during down-time on their shifts.

Keep Your Patients Calm

Hospital and doctors’ offices are a place of stress for many people coming in for a visit. Consider adding a stack of adult coloring books to your children’s coloring book selection in your waiting room, complete with an array of coloring utensils.

Having your patients color before coming back into the exam room could ease their anxiety or nerves while waiting, allowing them to enter the exam room in a less stressful state. This will allow them to be calm and collected while speaking about health complications or ongoing conditions. If it’s a child waiting to be seen, coloring will distract them before going into their appointment, effectively easing any worries they may have.

Bring Art Back into Schools

One of the best parts of school for kids is time spent on art projects. As children grow older, they have less and less time to explore their creativity and experience that artistic release. Consider National Coloring Book Day a great occasion to re-introduce arts into the curriculum at the junior high or high school level. To keep the momentum and benefits going, consider hosting a coloring day each Friday thereafter in your art classes or during study hall. Just 20 minutes of coloring can help spike a student’s creativity, help him or her to manage stress, and open the gates to creative expression and improved communications.

Coloring as a Social Promotion

The idea of painting with a twist is great, but it is a rather costly event to do regularly. Painting classes can also be very messy for a business to host, and the supplies required take up a lot of space. Instead, local businesses interested in hosting events might set up their own coloring night, during National Coloring Book Day or on any other day during the year. This will allow friends to meet up with each other at their favorite happy hour spot. Don’t discount the popularity of arts and crafts among peers! You’d be surprised at how cheap and fun it can be to host an event like this at your own location. The best part is guests get to take home their artwork, which you can brand with your logo as a keepsake.


Where to Find Coloring Books for Purchase

There are many places to buy adult and children’s coloring books. For businesses and nonprofit organizations looking for a branded gift or office item, ePromos offers customizable coloring books in a wealth of images and topics – from children’s safety, to zen mandalas and books with the goal of achieving happiness and serenity.

If you’re looking for a rare coloring book, try your local bookstore. Many local shops will support local artists and allow them to put their coloring books in the store for a limited time. You can also search the internet for a variety of topics to color on. There are many coloring sheets available for download across the internet for your promotional use.

Start putting your mind at ease and destressing by igniting your coloring side on National Coloring Book Day. You never know where your creativity will take you!


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