Make a Difference Day is a special day of widespread charity and volunteer work, in which people from all over the country help others in any ways they can. Created by USA Weekend Magazine in 1990, this day is celebrated each year on the fourth Saturday in October.

Participants are encouraged to help out in many different ways, but most especially by dedicating time to fixing-up, cleaning, and repairing poorer communities. The success of Make A Difference Day depends solely on participation. It doesn’t matter how you choose to help, all that matters is that you make the commitment to do something.

People of all ages can join in on the community fun.  It does not matter if you are helping one person or an entire group of people, all that matters is the volunteers dedication to make the lives of people around them more comfortable.

The hardest part of National Make a Difference Day is the recruitment.  The better you are able to educate the community with enough time before the event, the more volunteers you will have.  Our custom bumper stickers are a great way to reach a huge audience.  Wherever your car goes, so does the word about National Make a Difference Day.  Another great way to reach a large group of people is to have local companies hand out custom flyers to customers.  Hang posters around town or in park areas.  The more active you are about spreading the word the larger your Make a Difference Day becomes! ePromos can help you spread the word in a fun and affordable manner. Call us today!

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