National Electric Safety MonthAccording to the the Electric Safety Foundation International, 55,000 homes catch fire each year due to electric problems. ePromos wants to help you decrease this number by utilizing our promotional products for National Electric Safety Month. Together with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, the Underwriters Laboratories and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, ESFI spreads electrical safety messages to the public, businesses, politicians, and insurers.

Founded in 1994, ESFI has increased the public’s knowledge about hazardous electrical fires. They’ve compiled data and statistics that can provoke change in America. For example, half of the homes in the United States were built before hair dryers, garage door openers, and home computer were invented. Therefore, many of us are at risk using modern appliances in homes that weren’t built to handle them. However, with simple steps and awareness, you can avoid a disaster with the help of ePromos and the ESFI.

If you’re trying to promote electrical fire safety, there are a number of ways to do it. Distribute promotional auto emergency kits, promotional steering wheel covers, logo spare tire covers, and promotional auto flashlights with your logo or message directly on the item. The child and the parent will remember your company and your message for years to come. This month is important for the safety of all Americans, so get ready to promote awareness!

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Promote National Electric Safety Month with ePromos Promotional Products