National Handwriting DayIn a digital and computerized world, handwriting seems ancient but National Handwriting Day, January 23rd, takes us back to the art of hand written communication. Each individual has his/her own style and manner of writing so this is a great way to show you and your company’s personality.

There are so many ways take you can celebrate National Handwriting Day to your advantage. If you are the owner or CEO of a company, National Handwriting Day is a great way to make the print material that goes out to your clients more personalized, which makes your clients feel as those they are getting something personal and created solely for them, which creates brand equity. If you work within the publishing and media industry you can promote this holiday with promotional personalized pens, promotional pens, logo pens, and custom pens for your clients, employees, and fans.

You can also host a handwriting contest in order to create buzz for your company, initiating this competition with the promo pens that you gave away.

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