National Hepatitis Awareness MonthHepatitis is the inflammation of the liver, and of the five known hepatitis viruses; hepatitis A, B, and C are the most common types found in the United States. The liver is a vital organ that produces many of the proteins of the body that are necessary for a healthy life. Building up good cholesterol and breaking down bad cholesterol is another very important job that the liver has. When the liver is inflamed, it can not perform these functions efficiently, therefore, causing many bodily disfunctions. Being that the live is so important, May has been chosen as Hepatitis Awareness Month.

Clients and employees will know you care when you hand out these hepatitis awareness bracelets. Remind your customers to be careful of what they consume into their body by giving them a promotional mug with your company logo on it. They’ll be sure to thank you after they’ve saved a trip down uncomfortable liver lane!

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