National Mentoring MonthWho has been a positive influence in your life? For National Mentoring Month, it is your chance to be a strong support or guide for a young person in your neighborhood. Maybe you know a young person who is an aspiring entrepeneur who needs some direction. You can help him/her figure out their path to success with helpful tips from your own journey and current experience in the business world. National Mentoring Month is a great opportunity to tutor/advise the youth in your family, neighborhood, your church, even your workplace. Imagine being able to build a mentor-youth relationship over a number of years and a see a child grow into a flourishing adult partly because of your positive influence.

If you wish to promote volunteer services for the youth, you can start by communicating with local businesses with an awesome direct mail campaign to have them thinking about the successful young adults in your neighborhood would have benefited from the support they received from a youth mentor program, a youth sports league, or an after school program. Or if your company is already part of a youth mentoring program, you can give each young person in the program an inspirational gift. How about getting all of them a curved spring memo card holder that comes with flash cards for the tutored or memo cards with motivational quotes from your company for your youth being mentored reminding them of their potential and greatness.

National Mentoring Month is a great time to be a positive influence!

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