During National Orthodontic Health Month, every October, orthodontists around the country take the time to educate people about the benefits of a healthy smile.  This month is also meant to teach people how to get the most out of orthodontic devices and treatments.

These doctors provide diet tips, such as avoiding sticky foods, specifically at the end of the month on Halloween, as well as friendly reminders about making regular appointments. Orthodontists take this time to remind adults that orthodontics is not just for kids – the perfect smile is achievable at any point in a lifetime.

ePromos has many promotional products that will help your company celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month.  Hand out promotional tooth shaped magnets to your clients to remind them to make a follow up appointment next month.  This uniquely shaped magnet will stand out on their fridge and just as the are about to grab that sticky snack, they will think twice.  Another awesome item to keep around the office is a pack, or 12, of tooth shaped sticky notes.  When a client or employee needs to jot down a quick note, this little detail is will bring out that perfect smile we all love!

Promote National Orthodontic Health Month with ePromos Promotional Products