National Personal Self-Defense Awareness MonthSelf-defense is not always about FIGHTING back. Your best way to avoid an physical and dangerous altercation with an attacker is to apply quick thinking and de-escalating methods to the situation in order to get away. Attackers feed off of vulnerability so stay attentive to avoid a compromising situation. For example, walk in a group to your car after work, avoid short cuts that take you through dark and isolated area, and pay particular attention to places where someone could hide such as stairways and bushes etc. to ensure your safety. For National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month, figuring out ways to protect yourself from muggers is a great way to begin your quest to self-defense.

Start a safety awareness program at the workplace to promote personal self-defense! A multi-series program would be best at teaching your employees about both ways to calm an aggravated assailant and also fighting back (either invite a professional self-defense instructor to teach on your premises or ask a local defense center about collaboration opportunities. You can even invite your clients to your company’s program and classes through a direct mail promotional safety campaign, giving out items like promotional computer monitor accessories, promotional computer screen cleaners, logo computer screen brushes, and custom computer monitor products and providing them with information about your initiative.

Teaching your employees and clients methods to reduce their risks of being attacked would be a great means of partaking in National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month.

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