Honor the Sacrifices & Hard Work of Police Officials & Law Enforcement

Local law enforcement officials across the country make the ultimate sacrifice. Day in and day out, they work to keep our streets safe and free from threats to our security. To commemorate those who have fallen in the line of duty, President John F. Kennedy signed Public Law 87-726 in October 1962. Peace Officers Memorial Day was officially recognized on May 15th; and the week which it falls became known as National Police Week.

This week serves as a large-scale effort to celebrate the individuals who put service over self in their neighborhoods. Police officers take a pledge to protect and serve their community. They put themselves in harm’s way ‒ no matter how big the risk ‒ to ensure their turf is always safe. National Police Week provides the opportunity to laud those who put their lives on the line daily.

Commemorate the Sacrifices of Police Officers with Community-Focused Events

The best ideas for celebrating National Police Week involve gathering the public together. In showing solidarity and support, we can show those who protect us how important their work is to those around them. Consider creating an event in the name of showing a united front for those who keep the streets safe! Doing so will allow your group to come together for a great cause.

Organize a Run to Raise Funds for Families of Fallen Officers

Athletic events such as a memorial run or basketball game bring people together. Organize an event to let people meet their local police officers in a different setting. By allowing people to get to know these brave individuals off-duty, you help build a network of support needed to bring everyone in your town closer.

Plan a Memorial Dinner

Use this time to reflect on the many ways police officers use their skills to patrol the streets for our safety. Host a memorial dinner to share stories of those who’ve given their lives to protect those around them. Showing the real face of the sacrifices made helps drive the message of support for police home. Also, this gives the local neighbors a way to help families of the fallen cope with their loss.

Wear & Display Blue to show Solidarity

By wearing the color blue, you can show how much you care about those who serve our streets daily. This prominent gesture shows how serious your office is about supporting law enforcement. No matter your venue, you can have your employees dress in blue, or outfit your office with blue objects and ornaments.

Organize a Kids’ Tour of Your Local Law Enforcement Office

Gather interest for a guided tour of your local law enforcement’s facilities to show children how police keep them safe every day. Giving kids an ‘all-access pass’ into the basics of police duties can help them understand why we need police officers. Allowing children to see what happens day-to-day to keep them safe will help them understand why police are a staple within the community.

Raise Awareness for Police- Sponsored Charities & Causes

While supporting our local police officers is important, take the time to give back to their chosen causes. Precincts across the country donate time and resources to charities regularly. Support National Police Week by giving to some of the organizations below. No matter what cause you choose to back, use this week to help serve those who need a helping hand.

  • Special Olympics
  • American Cancer Society
  • National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF)
  • Police Athletic League
  • Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.)
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. We’ve only begun to highlight some causes that touch the hearts of police officers across the country. Use these as a starting point to identify causes close to those in your office; then talk to your local precinct to suggest teaming up for related events.

Gifts & Other Ways to Commemorate Police Officers on National Police Week

Washington, D.C. holds the official National Police Week Memorial Service every May. Consider taking a trip to honor the brave people who have given their lives for the people around them. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund organizes the service, and maintains the official monument containing more than 20,000 names of the fallen. Use this opportunity to teach memorial-goers about the importance of police forces in our communities.

Are you interested in lending your organization’s voice to observing National Police Week in your town? If so, our wide range of promotional products can help you jump-start the creative process and come up with a unique offering to gain interest and aid in this cause.