“Building the Foundation for a Healthy America” is the goal and slogan of National Public Health Week. Started in 1995 by the American Public Health Association, NPHW seeks to influence the public and policy makers about health-conscious issues. According to the APHA, the United States ranks worse than average in a number of health-related statistical categories. Our life expectancy is 78.1 years, which ranks 46th in the world, behind Japan, South Korea, and Jordan. But, we can help change that statistic and others with positive thinking and healthy attitudes. And, National Public Health Week, from April 4th to the 10th, is all about healthy and positive awareness.
One aspect of participating in National Public Health Week is lobbying. They seek reform to America’s health care system and health education. To ensure effective message delivery, try building awareness on promotional posters to provoke change in politicians. Or, write your message loud and clear with promotional pens.
While we’ve made huge strides in health education and reform in the past decades, more must be done. When moving toward sustainable goals, we must remember to respect our health and the health of others. ePromos is here to guide any organization in celebrating National Public Health Week.
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