National Radon Action MonthDuring National Radon Action Month organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency work to raise awareness of the dangers of radon. Radon is a tasteless, odorless, and colorless radioactive gas that can contaminate indoor air quality of homes. Dangerous amounts of radon gas are a quiet killer; radon-induced lung cancer is said to be the sixth leading cancer death in the U.S.

How does radon get into your home? Anything from cracks in solid floors, construction joints cracks in walls, gaps in suspended floors, and your water supply can cause radon gas to seep inside your home. You can test your home for radon with a radon test kit to ensure you are not absorbing and living with dangerous levels of radon gas!

So how can you promote a safer home to people you know? Industries like home retail or real estate can show their clients how to protect themselves from either buying a home or renting an apartment with great amounts of radon. Imprinted pens or promotional magnets would be a great giveaway along with a newsletter that educates clients on how to protecting themselves against the gas.

Promoting home safety is crucial so tell the individuals in your life about National Radon Action Month.

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