National Safe Boating WeekThis year, ePromos wants to help you celebrate National Safe Boating Week (May 21st -27th) with a variety of fun and informative promotional products. Each year, the American Safe Boating Campaign organizes National Safe Boating Week, an event designed to raise awareness about the extraordinary life-saving benefits of wearing a life jacket every time you get on a boat. According to statistics, life jackets could potentially decrease the number of boating-related injuries by 87 percent if they were properly worn at all times!

To help raise awareness during National Safe Boating Week, ePromos carries a selection of fun promotional items to use as a part of your information campaign. Our selection of promotional athletic hats, promotional golf hats, logo sports caps, and custom performance caps are a great choice, and they will immediately draw attention to safe boating issues. These are great ways to promote not getting lost at sea, and other safe boating practices. You can use any of these items in conjunction with safe boating information in order to get the public involved and help save a life.

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Promote National Safe Boating Week with ePromos Promotional Products