Increase Awareness & Visibility for National Safety Month

National Safety Month, observed annually each June, shines a light on the importance of knowing how to prevent emergencies in many different environments. Keeping safe, whether at home or in the workplace, is easier than most may think. This month opens the door to topics such as safety on the roads, what to do in emergencies, as well as maintaining good health in order to prevent health-related issues. No matter the venue, National Safety Month is a great opportunity to show your commitment to helping your community stay informed and safe.

The National Safety Council began observing June as National Safety Month in 1996. Since then, many organizations have take the time out to lend their voice in improving the public’s knowledge of many safety-related themes. Giving back to your society by giving knowledge is a stellar way to build trust in your brand.

Suggestions to Support Safe Habits in the Home and Office

Consider some of the following programming ideas for your office to observe this event, and come up with some additional ideas to promote a safer life. Because of the range of topics available, you’re sure to find the right angle to truly make your voice be heard while also giving a voice to more mindful living.

Organize Self-Defense Classes

For many, basic self-defense can prevent a small assault from escalating while also providing a boost to one’s confidence. Gauge interest and organize a series of self-defense classes for interested parties, in order to keep people informed of how to keep safe while out and about.

Hold a Health Seminar

Staying healthy is important, but some people may not be aware of risks such as expired medications, or even proper nutrition. Take the time to focus on health-related topics such as these, and keep your community members aware of how they can keep their health in check.

Conduct a Survey on Office Safety

In order to comply with national work safety laws, and as a way to gauge opinion, run a survey on the current state of office conditions. Encourage employees to be frank in their responses, and offer incentives for all who participate. In identifying hazards that might be around every day, you are able to bring the office together in a productive and informative way.

Arrange an Emergency Kit Workshop

Keeping an emergency kit handy with essentials for various emergencies is a great way to promote National Safety Week. Provide participants with a basic list of essentials, and allow for feedback on additional tools people need for emergencies big and small. Keeping up a step ahead of danger is a safe bet, and bringing people together to share information on how to stay safe helps bolster your brand’s value to consumers.

Start a Discussion about Roadside Safety

While staying safe at home and work is crucial to most, safety on the roads is just as important. Many drivers, even those licensed, still make mistakes that can cost fellow drivers their lives. National Safety Month is the best time to highlight the importance of road safety by either arranging for a speaker from your local law enforcement office, or conduct a seminar on the basics of road safety.

Gifts & Promotional Products to Encourage Personal Safety

National Safety Week offers many ways to show how being informed can mean the difference between life and death. Using your brand’s voice to let consumers and customers know about how to stay safe every day can help increase visibility and clout, doing wonders for your potential marketing efforts. We’ve picked several items you can use to promote National Safety Week, however, feel free to collaborate with your team to come up with the perfect event (and marketing material ideas) to spread the message of safety.